Unlocking Harmony Through Couple and Family Chart Reading Services

Hello, I’m Marilyn Jones, a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Chinese Astrologer, passionate about guiding individuals towards a harmonious life through the transformative practice of Feng Shui. I started my business with the goal to assist you in creating a life filled with purpose, balance, and intention. As a Feng Shui consultant, I offer personalized services, including insightful Couple and Family Chart Readings.

Understanding Your Unique Energies with Couple and Family Chart Reading

In the journey of life, relationships play a pivotal role. Couple and Family Chart Readings delve into the intricate dynamics of personalities, preferences, and behaviors. This insightful process allows me to identify areas of compatibility and potential conflict, providing a roadmap for couples and families to better understand each other and strengthen their bonds.

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Why Choose Couple and Family Chart Readings?

  • Enhanced Compatibility:

    Uncover the compatibility factors that contribute to the harmony between you and your partner or within your family.

  • Conflict Resolution:

    Identify potential areas of conflict and gain valuable insights to foster better communication and understanding.

  • Family Dynamics Improvement:

    Family chart comparisons go beyond couples, offering a profound understanding of family dynamics to improve overall relationships.

The Process: Personalized Insights for Lasting Harmony:

At Eat Pray Feng Shui, I offer individual 4 pillar chart readings and comprehensive home and business consultations. With a focus on personal growth, progression, and learning, my services are designed to align your life with positive energies.

$125 per chart plus

Comparison Reading: $125 per 2 people (Includes 2 hours of consultation)

Additional consultation after 2 hours at $100/hour

I also have several packages to choose from to bundle and save you money. 

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How Couple and Family Chart Readings Work

Through a meticulous analysis of astrological charts, I decipher the energies that shape your relationships. The comparison reading provides a deep dive into compatibility factors, helping you navigate challenges and nurture your connections. By understanding each other’s unique energies, you can cultivate a stronger, more harmonious relationship with everyone in your family and friend groups. Even in your workplace! 


Why Choose Eat Pray Feng Shui for Your Chart Readings?

  • Certified Expertise: 

As a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Chinese Astrologer, I bring a wealth of knowledge to guide you on your journey. I have packages to coach you on your journey and really assist you in a deep understanding of yourself and others. 

  • Virtual and On-site Consultations: 

Based in Utah, I offer both virtual and on-site consultations, ensuring accessibility regardless of your location.

  • Transformational Guidance: 

Let Feng Shui be the tool that transforms your life, aligning seen and unseen energies for a purposeful and balanced existence.


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Conclusion: Embrace Harmony Through Couple and Family Chart Readings

Life is a journey, and harmony within relationships is a crucial aspect of that journey. Unlock the secrets of compatibility, understanding, and growth through our Couple and Family Chart Reading services. Let’s start living with purpose, balance, and intention – the Feng Shui way.

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FAQs: Answering Your Queries

What is the significance of a Family Chart Reading?

Family Chart Readings provide profound insights into the dynamics between family members, fostering understanding, communication and improving overall relationships.

How can Couple Chart Readings benefit my relationship?

Couple Chart Readings identify compatibility factors and potential areas of conflict, offering valuable insights for building a stronger and more harmonious relationship.

Can you explain the concept of Feng Shui in brief?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing energies in the environment to promote well-being and prosperity. It involves the strategic arrangement of elements to create a positive flow of energy.